28 Million Americans Suffer from Hearing Impairment

Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss
28 Million Americans Suffer from Hearing Impairment

With approximately 28 million Americans suffering from some type of hearing impairment, many individuals can benefit from a hearing aid device. Due to the variety of aids for hearing available, there is no need to allow the cost of hearing aids to deter you from finding a quality product for you needs. To get a better idea of how one of these devices can help you, let’s get into the details how they work of why they are so beneficial.

In most cases, a hearing aid device consists of a microphone, amplifier and speaker. The microphone picks up sound waves and in turn sends them to the amplifier which increases the volume. From there, the heightened sounds go to the speaker which goes to your ear.

Aids for hearing come in three basic types which include behind the ear, in the ear and canal. These different options allow you to choose one that accommodates your level or hearing difficulties. This is beneficial because people can have differing levels of hearing impairments due to factors like old age, disease or ear injury.

Along with this, the cost of hearing aids ranges so you can usually find a suitable device that matches your needs and budget. When using a device, it helps to increase the natural volume to accommodate a variety of audio waves. Consequently, a device can improve your hearing when participating in low volume activities like talking on the phone. By magnifying sound waves, you can hear sounds with much greater ease.