Starting Your Digital Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aids
Digital Hearing Aid Batteries

Most digital hearing aids use Zinc Air batteries.  It is important to understand how they work to get the most out of your digital hearing aid.
Zinc Air batteries use a reaction with the air to create an electrical charge that powers your digital hearing aid.  When you remove the tab on Zinc Air batteries it exposes a little hole(s) that allow air into the battery.

At first the reaction is slow and produces less power.  As the reaction gets going the battery produces the correct voltage for your digital hearing aid.
If you pull the tab and immediately put the battery in your digital hearing aid, your hearing aid may appear to be malfunctioning until the zinc air’s reaction gets going.
We recommend that after you remove the tab/sticker from your Zinc Air batteries allow them to get their reaction going for about 2-3 minutes before using them in your digital hearing aid.

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