Adjusting your Digital Hearing Aid is Easy!

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Adjusting your Digital Hearing Aid is Easy!

Many hearing aids sold online can be adjusted by the user. Most digital hearing aids have mode buttons that allow you to pick different programs. Each program mode tells your digital hearing aid to produce or amplify a different range of sound frequencies. If you need the low frequencies amplified you would select the mode that amplifies the low frequencies, high frequencies, you would select the high range mode. Some hearing aids have multiple modes to allow you to select different sound frequency mixes.

Some hearing aids, like our Siemens digitals, have trimmers adjustments. Trimmers are small dials that you can turn to increase/decrease different frequency ranges. Some hearing aids like our Lotus SP have three trimmers adjustments. That allows you to adjust ranges of sound individually. You can add and subtract low range sounds, medium range sounds, and high range sounds. Most sellers include the trimmers’ tool (small screw driver) you need to make these adjustments.

Hearing aids parts purchased online can be easily adjusted allowing you to get the most out of your digital hearing aid!

Doctor Paul

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