Do you need a doctor’s waiver to buy a hearing aid online?

Hearing Aids

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No, you do not need to get a doctor’s waiver to order a hearing aid online. The FDA recommends that you have a hearing test to make sure a hearing aid
will help you and to make sure that you do not have some an issue that a hearing aid will not help.

The problem is the cost of the test is sometimes more than the hearing aid.
Most online seller like us have the waiver on the site saying that by purchasing a hearing aid through that website/auction you understand that hearing aids do not help all hearing issues and you are waving a hearing test to check for that.

By buying the hearing aid you wave the hearing test
At Hear-Better.Com we you do not have to worry about your hearing aid not helping your hearing issue because we offer a 60 day no questions asked 100% return policy.  So if it does not work for you than just send it right back.

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