Hearing Loss Severity

Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss Severity

Hearing loss is ranked in several levels.  These levels can help to choose hearing aids online which is right for you.

The severity of a hearing impairment is ranked according to the additional intensity above a nominal threshold that a sound must be before being detected by an individual; it is measured in decibels of hearing loss, or dB HL. Hearing impairment may be ranked as mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe or profound as defined below:


for adults: between 26 and 40 dB HL

for children: between 20 and 40 dB HL

Moderate: between 41 and 55 dB HL

Moderately severe: between 56 and 70 dB HL

Severe: between 71 and 90 dB HL

Profound: 91 dB HL or greater

Parts of this blog artical came from Wikipedia.com

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