How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing Aids
How Do Hearing Aids Work


Analogue hearing aids don’t have all the bells and whistles that come with digital aids, but they are the inexpensive hearing aids available.  The do a good job amplifying all the sounds they receive.

Analog hearing aids have a microphone that picks up sound and converts the sound into electrical signals. The signals are then amplified by electronics and sent though a speaker into the ear piece and into your ear so you can hear the sounds better.

Digital Hearing Aids Work

Digital Hearing Aids work in a different way. They take the signal from the microphone and convert it into digital data (0s and 1s); the digital data is manipulated by a tiny computer in the hearing aid. The mini computer tailors and processes the sound very precisely, in ways that are impossible with analogue hearing aids.

Better digital aids can be very finely adjusted to suit your particular hearing loss.  They can amplify the sound ranges and particular sounds you have trouble hearing.  Some digitals allow you to switch between different settings suitable for different listening conditions like crowded rooms, listening to television, or enjoying a quiet conversation.

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