How to use a Phone with a BTE Hearing Aid

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How to use a Phone with a BTE Hearing Aid

Sometimes it can be Challenging to Using a Phone with a BTE Hearing aid in Place but It Can be as Easy as 1.2.3.

1. Hold your phone to your ear like usual. If you have an open-mold fitting BTE hearing aid your finished, your ear canal isn’t blocked and hearing on the phone should be easy.

2.  Tilt the phone receiver up a little toward the top of your ear. Your hearing aid has microphones usually on the top of the hearing aid to pick up sound and bring it into your ear. Getting the best use out of the microphones on your hearing aid will increase the amplification of the voice coming through the phone and makes hearing easier.

3.  Pull your ear mold out just a little bit before placing the phone to your ear. With BTE hearing aids with little soft bud, dome, or foam piece inside your ear pulling them out just enough to loosen it up inside your ear allows more sound into your ear. When finished talking on the phone remember to push your ear bud back down into your ear canal.

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