Simple Steps to Keeping your Hearing Aid in your Ear

Hearing Aids
Simple Steps to Keeping your Hearing Aid in your Ear

1.  Have a friend check to make sure your hearing aid is flush with your outer ear and looks like it’s in your ear properly. You can also use a mirror to check; the secret is to make sure your hearing aid looks properly inserted.

2.  Take note what time of day your hearing aid is falling out or becoming lose.  Certain activities tend to cause your hearing aid to come lose.  A hearing aid or ear mold can be loose in your ear canal. Activities throughout the day like: chewing, talking and bending can cause hearing aids to come lose, pop out, or even fall out of your ear.

3.  Different sizes or styles of ear pieces will give you different fits.  Try different ones until you find your best fit.  Hearing aids with a changeable silicone dome ear pieces have many sizes.  You may need to try a different size tip to stop your hearing aid from falling out. A dome that is too large will be hard to insert and will slowly move out of your ear canal throughout the day. A dome that is too small will slide in easily; however if you bend over or shake your head from side to side, the dome will come out of your ear. You can get a variety of different sized ear buds from your hearing aid manufacturer or hearing aid provider. Check your owner’s guide for how to replace the foam or dome on your hearing aid.

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