Customer Hear-Better.Com hearing aid reviews.

  • Art happy Siemens Digital Touching hearing aid user

    Art (PA) - Siemens Digital FAST P Digital Hearing Aid

    "Dr. Paul, hearing aid works great...Will be needing one more in a month or two. Thanks so much for having this hearing aid so people can afford them it's great to hear. Thank you Art"
  • Happy Hearing Aid User

    Sheila (TX) - The Profound Digital Hearing Aid

    I ordered the hearing aid from your company last week and just wanted to drop you a line or two to let you know that I received it and I LOVE it!
    Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas and for making my life feel normal again. I no longer have to ask folks to repeat themselves.
  • RoseK

    Rose (OK) - The Doctor Paul SP Digital Hearing Aid -

    "Very good seller! very helpful also fast shipping."
    From: Charissa (VT) - "The Doctor Paul SP Hearing Aid - works like a charm!"
  • Digiral Elite Hearing Aid Review Donald

    Ronald K. (DE) - The Signia Digital FUN SP Hearing Aid -

    "Last month I purchased 2 of the "digital elite" hearing aids. I have 60% hearing loss (through testing). I previously owned "Miracle-Ear" hearing aids purchased for $6,000.00. What a mistake. They failed to work after 3 1/2 years! Your hearing aids are the best thing since sliced bread, and affordably priced!"

    Ted L (PA) - Siemens Digital FAST P Hearing Aid - "Class A"

    Hanna R. (PA) - The Ultra Analog Hearing Aid -" Very careful packaging. Great item. Thank you!"

  • Jean L Hearing Aid Review

    Cindy S. (OR) - The Doctor Paul Ultra Hearing Aid

    "Excellent! Blessings to You! Thank You! My Husband Loves it! Great Deal! *Smiles"

    Joel T. (NH) - Digital Ultra Hearing Aid - "Perfect! THANKS!!"

    Robert P (CA) - The Doctor Paul SP -" Helped my Tante hear me,  A +++++++++"

  • Happy Hearing Aid user Thomas on Bike

    Thomas J. (FL) - The Digital FUN P Hearing Aid -

    "Works great... for me, there has been no downside for purchasing my hearing aids from Hear-Better.Com via the internet. Great hearing aids and at a much lower price."

    Ann K. (FL) - The Signia Fun P Digital Hearing Aid - "I am a many times repeat customer. service is excellent and so is the product"

  • Laura and Friends Happy Hear-Better.Com Hearing Aid Users

    Laura A (OH) - The Doctor Paul SP HEARING AID-

    "Excellent, Fast Shipping, the product is as advertised, works GREAT!!! A+++++++"

    Mercedes W. (NY) - The SP hearing aid - "Excellent to deal with"

    Richard S. (TX) - The SP Hearing Aid- "New aid works fine, has hi-gain!"

  • Lee Very Happy Digital Elite user

    Lee C. (TX) - The Doctor Paul Profound Digital Hearing Aid -

    "I really believe I was totally ripped off by the "other hearing aid" company after using your product! Let's see $6K vs $200. for a better product. How dumb do I feel!

    Wanda K. (CA) - Siemens Digital FAST P Hearing Aid - "Once more time Thank You for your very kind with customer. God bless you and your family."