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TACTear TAP In Ear 8 Channel Digital Hearing Aid

MODERATE Hearing Loss

Will Ship Around 2/28/14

Just TAP your ear to change Volume and Program

The TACTear TAP digital hearing aid uses two trimmers (small dials) to adjust it. The TACTear Tap ITE hearing aid allows you to just tap the hearing aid to make adjustments.

TACTTAP Ear offers brand new methods of enjoying your hearing with standard shell.It’s as easy as using any normal earphones. Its small size and 3 different tips assure you comfortable wearing experience. This affordable New Sound ITE hearing aid offers high sound quality but at a low price!

  • Fully DSP-based Multi-Memory Amplifier

  •  Mini Size and Bionic Shape

  • 8 Channels

  • Multi-Band

  • Excellent Sound Quality

  • Hidden Volume Trimmer

  • 3 different sized tips for comfort

  • Adaptable Feedback Cancellation


TACTear TAP Digital Hearing Aid Specification
* Fully Dsp-based Multi-Memory Amplifier
* Mini Size and Bionic Shape
* 8 Channels and Multi-bands Excellent Sound Signal Digital Processing
* Hidden Volume Trimmer
* Three Different Size Tips for Comfortable and Safe Wearing
* Adaptable Feedback Cancellation

Uses Size 10 Batteries

Technical Data    TACTEar20
Peak Value    108dB
Output at 1600Hz    103dB
Maximum Gain    35dB
Gain at 1600Hz    30dB
Battery Current    0.8mA
Equivalent Input Noise     28dB
Total Harmonic Distortion    3%
IEC-118-7/94 (2cc-coupler)


Hearing Aid Type In Ear
Hearing Loss Moderate to Severe
Battery Size 10
Channels 8


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