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Hearing Aid for SEVERE to PROFOUND Hearing Loss

Very Powerful hearing aid!

Phonak Quest 5 SP Hearing Aid:

Two channel hearing aid

Quest platform features

Quest signal processing

Quest precalculation


NoiseBlock Basic

Phonak Target™ fitting

Performance level features

Mic: Omnidirectional

Adjustable beep signals

Battery end-of-life warning

100% digital signal processing chip

Suit for the people with Severe to Profound hearing loss

Uses a powerful and common A13 (13) battery

One hearing aid


PHONAK Quest 5 SP [Super Powerful] 2 Channel, Programmable Digital Hearing Aid in Natural Beige Shade | Standard, Behind-the-Ear [BTE] Fit


Choose PHONAK Quest 5 SP for easy-fitting, discreet BTE hearing aids that help you hear better and understand sounds easily. Engineered to overcome typical technological limitations in this category, these easy-to-program digital hearing aids help you enjoy across-the-table conversations and hear better in the noisiest environments.  Recommended for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss, the Quest 5 SP programmable hearing aid comes with many first-in-class features by PHONAK – now, ready to be delivered at the best online prices!


Packaged contents:

One hearing aid


Quick Overview

  • NoiseBlock Basic
  • Omnidirectional Mic
  • Adjustable beep signals
  • PHONAK Target™ fitting
  • Two channel hearing aid
  • Performance level features
  • 100% digital signal processing chip
  • We offer FREE Programming for Life
  • Durable battery with end-of-life warning
  • Uses a powerful and common Hearing Aid Battery Size 13
  • Add a one year extended Phonak Hearing Aid Warranty.
  • Recommended to people with severe to profound hearing loss
  • Quest platform features - Quest signal processing - Quest pre-calculation
  • WhistleBlock feedback canceller for better sound quality without whistling


Product Details to Help You Buy Better!


Perfect Aesthetics with Humane Design: Using high-performing Quest platform, this behind-the-ear device has its own durable housing ensuring, ready to tackle wear & tear associated with daily usage. Aesthetically perfected to become your trusted partner, the beige shade hearing devices are flawlessly matched with natural skin tones.


Experience Clearer Sounds: Quest technology hearing aids are designed to balance speech understanding and comfort. With omni-directional microphone, Quest SP hearing aids can effectively help you hear better, reducing background noise.


True Feedback & Zero Whistling: WhistleBlock technology is considered a benchmark for feedback canceller performance among digital hearing aids. It ensures sharper distinction between feedback and natural signals. Something similar is found in high-end music delivery acoustic setups and Quest 5 SP uses WhistleBlock for ensuring true feedback. This also enhances audibility and overall quality of sound, without whistling.


Get Better Hearing Almost Instantly: Programmed using the state-of-the-art PHONAK Target fitting software, this is the best in digitally programmable hearing aids out there, powered by an advanced chip that boosts perception of natural sounds. You experience drastically better hearing from the first moment – PHONAK Quest 5 SP has the reputation of having unbelievably high, first-fit acceptance levels.


Please Note

Phonak SP hearing aids help you hear better by boosting audibility and overall sound quality, these dual channel hearings aids are not meant to supplement any medical treatment you are undergoing. Please seek a professional opinion if you are unsure about which hearing aid is a better fit for you!



Globally Respected Swiss Brand | Pioneering Designs | Various Hearing Aids Styles/Types


These high-performance hearing aids exemplify why PHONAK is counted as a global leader in the niche of scientifically designed solutions for hearing loss or acoustic disabilities. PHONAK continues to innovate and bring welcome breakthroughs, creating answers for various hearing impairments, challenges or disabilities. The Swiss brand has pioneered several acoustic technologies for different types of moderate and severe hearing loss.


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Genuine Hearing Aids & Accessories | Fee Reprogramming for Life | Honest Pricing


Hear-better.com is much more than just another online store for hearing aids. We are dedicated to helping people better understand their hearing challenges. Groomed constantly for inventory additions from the top manufacturers and updated with true product details, this online platform serves as the single, most comprehensive resource for purchasing authentic hearing loss products. Please take a minute to view our wide selection of batteries, ear tips, tubes and replaceable parts!


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  • Doctor Paul line of highly cost-efface hearing aids


Hearing Aid Type Standard Fit
Hearing Loss Severe to Profound
Battery Size 13
Manufacturer Phonak
Channels 2
Special Price $229.00
Color Tan


Customer Reviews

So very, very happy I found this site! Review by Una Lee
As a profoundly deaf senior on Social Security I was struggling to find a way to replace the donated hearing aide I used for over ten years. Cochlear implants at my age (71) are not my idea of a good solution and a few thousand dollars for the one aid I need is just out of reach. Going without has caused depression, paranoia and isolation. Turning to the internet to see if I could find that much needed solution I found this site!
The Phonak Quest 5 SP was programmed for my loss (I e-mailed a hearing test) and received in just 4 days. I am thrilled with the hearing aid, the service and the care! All the questions I had contacted the site about were answered quickly. I can't believe my ears (ear) I feel like a real person again! Thank you so much for giving me my life back! (Posted on 7/3/2017)
best service and value Review by Sandra
i have been using hearing aides for 18 years. i was referred to be a candidate for the cochlear implant, which is out of my price range at the moment. i tell you this so you can know i am profoundly deaf without hearing aides. with this hearing aide i am enjoying conversation again. i am enjoying meetings again. and the shipping was very fast. i had my new hearing aide in less then a week. when ordering this hearing aide it will help you to know they will request a current hearing test which i sent in and i feel that is part of why mine is doing so well. this is a state of the art hearing aide. Thank you Dr Paul for helping me be able to hear at such an affordable price. (Posted on 4/20/2016)
The Hear-Better folks are a blessing! Review by Mark
My audiologist told me three weeks ago that replacement for my lost instruments would cost $5,900.00. I'm on SSI and without healthcare, so I was going without and my hearing loss is severe...then I found this site. My new, programmed by the Hear-better lab, hearing aids, arrived two days ago. They are almost exactly the same ones by Phonak prescribed by my audiologist for ten times the price!

I've worn hearing aids for over twenty years and these are the best I've ever had, not even considering cost.

Thank you and bless you fine folks. (Posted on 3/27/2016)
Very pleased Review by Trish S
I could not afford the hearing aids my doctor recommended. I found these at an affordable price and received them in time for Christmas. These are my first hearing aids and I am still struggling with how to use them, however, I am very pleased. They do help me hear better, just haven't figured out how to adjust them to various environments I am in. Would highly recommend them for anyone who needs hearing aids. Thank you. 03/24/2016 (Posted on 3/24/2016)
FABULOUS! Review by CA Nana
My mother has profound hearing loss bilaterally. She has had several different brands and types of hearing aids all of them 3x's the price of these. We ordered these hearing aids hoping that they lived up to the Quest Platform Technology we knew that Phonak was a good brand. So far so good and they accommodated her custom ear molds so the fit is great. Prior to purchase I faxed in her latest hearing test and had these new aids programmed for her so right out of the box they worked wonderfully. A definite 5 star.

(Posted on 2/20/2016)
I cannot believe how good it is Review by Roberta B
I received my hearing aid and cannot believe how good it is. I had no problem at all with it. I was able to put it on and it works perfectly. Way beyond my expectations. I haven't been around a noisy place yet, that's where I have always had a problem. They always claim to tone down background noise and none of them do, Including the very expensive ones I have been wearing. I'll wear these for a week and see how it goes. Right now I am a very happy person. Thank you (Posted on 5/29/2015)

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