PHONAK QUEST 5 M (in BLACK) Two Channel Digital Hearing Aid PROGRAMMABLE

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PHONAK Quest 5 M in BLACK Two Channel Digital Hearing Aid

PHONAK Quest 5 M Two Channel Digital Hearing Aid

FREE Programming for Life

Two channel hearing aid

Two channels provides superior sound quality!

Quest platform features:

Quest signal processing

Quest precalculation


NoiseBlock Basic

Performance level features:

Mic Directionality: Omnidirectional

2 Channels

2 Manual programs

2 Colors (Tan and Black Hearing Aid)

Adjustable beep signals

Battery end-of-life warning

Add a 1-year extended Phonak Hearing Aid Warranty

PHONAK Quest 5 M Two Channel Programmable Digital Hearing Aid with Battery Discharge Signal | Standard, Behind-the-Ear [BTE] Fit

PHONAK Quest 5M for easy-fitting, discreet BTE hearing aids that help you understand sound easily and comfortably. Easy-to-wear digital hearing aid helps you enjoy regular conversations and real ear sound characteristic maintains the ability to tell from which direction sounds are coming. Recommended for people with moderate to severe-hearing loss, Quest 5M is engineered to overcome technological limitations. This Phonak programmable hearing aid for sale comes in 2 colors with omnidirectional mic so you will be able to fully participate and won’t miss a thing.


Quick Overview

Two channel hearing aid

Quest signal processing and pre calculation


NoiseBlock Basic

Omnidirectional Mic

2 Manual programs

2 Colors (Tan and Black)

Adjustable beep signals

Battery end-of-life warning


Product Details to Help You Buy Better!


2 Channel Superior Sound Quality: Audio aid with 2 channels process and reproduce multiple levels of sound frequencies to provide a natural audio output. It enables noise reduction and preserves speech audibility while balancing listening comfort


Effective WhistleBlock Technology: PHONAK WhistleBlock technology incorporates a feedback canceller that senses distinction between echo and natural signals. Digital hearing aid allows stable transmission up to 20dB and amplified sound quality free from whistling.


Hear Everything Clearly: Quest 5 M hearing aids help you listen clearly with improved performance levels and better signal processing features. The easy to wear behind the ear fit device is moisture and sweat resistant and can be worn for longer duration.  


Choice Availability: BTE hearing aid is available in two colors (Tan and Black) to choose from along with battery end-of-life warning signal. The beep signals can be programmed for smooth user interface


Please Note:

PHONAK Quest 5M programmable hearing aids are designed to amplify frequency and sound quality to help you hear well. It is advised to not replace or add this device with any of your undergoing medical therapy.  Seek professional opinion to be sure about which type of programmable hearing aid is a fits you better!


Why Buy PHONAK Quest 5 M?


These high-performance hearing aids exemplify why PHONAK is amongst global leaders in the niche of scientifically designed solutions for hearing loss or acoustic disabilities. PHONAK continues to innovate and bring welcome breakthroughs, creating answers for various hearing impairments, challenges or disabilities. The Swiss brand has pioneered several acoustic technologies for different types of moderate and severe hearing loss

PHONAK Quest 5 M in BLACK Two Channel Digital Hearing Aid

Phonak Quest The Phonak Programmable hearing aid Baseo Q is built on the technologies of the high-performing Quest platform and areTM programmed using the Phonak Target fitting software. The latest chip design and key Quest features of this PHONAK hearing aid for sale result in a natural sound perception and high first-fit acceptance.

WhistleBlockWhistleBlock is a very efficient feedback canceller that allows accurate distinction between feedback and naturalsignals such as those found in music. WhistleBlock is only applied to true feedback and provides up to 20dB addedstable gain, increasing audibility and sound quality, free from any whistling.

Phonak’s goal is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss. Phonak is the innovative force in hearing acoustics and brings you this programmable black hearing aid. With our creative solutions, we strive to overcome technological limitations - so that all people are able to hear, understand and fully enjoy life's rich landscapes of sound.

More Information
Hearing Aid Type Standard Fit
Hearing Loss Moderate to Severe
Battery Size 13
Channels 2
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