PHONAK QUEST 5 SP & FREE 1 YR Extended Warranty (PROGRAMMED to your Audiogram or Hearing Loss Level) Strong Digital Hearing Aid, Affordable Hearing Aid PROGRAMMABLE

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FREE HEARING AID PROGRAMMING(see terms and conditions) 

Hearing Aid for SEVERE to PROFOUND Hearing Loss programmed to your Hearing Loss Level or Audiogram

Strong hearing and Powerful hearing aid!

Phonak Quest 5 SP Hearing Aid:

Two-channel hearing aid

Quest platform features

Quest signal processing

Quest precalculation


NoiseBlock Basic

Phonak Target™ fitting

Performance level features

Mic: Fixed directional

Adjustable beep signals

Battery end-of-life warning

100% digital signal processing chip

Suit for the people with Severe to Profound hearing loss

Uses a powerful and common A13 (13) battery

One hearing aid