MINI ROCKER BLACK Open Fit Affordable Digital Hearing Aid

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* High-performance DSP hearing aid - Ideal for watching TV or hearing your loved ones

* Two sound processors for clear accurate sound quality -  2 Channels WDRC Multi Memories Amplifier

* Quality sound amplification - I2 Bands Frequency Shaping

* Powerful noise reduction - I0 Bands Layered Noise Reduction

* Low-level Expansion - Accurate sound production

* Advanced AFC Technology - Clear sound

* Wideband MPO Control - full range of volume output 

* Low Battery Warning - never run out of power

* Switch Tones

* Digital Rocker Switch - easy volume and mode adjustment

Size: Hearing aid unit is 2.4CM X 1CM X .5CM without the tube installed

Uses a Size 10 Hearing Aid Battery

Open Fit Black Hearing Aids and Brown Hearing Aids are also available.