SIEMENS/SIGNIA Digital FAST P hearing aid & Free hearing aid 1 Year Extended Warranty Affordable Digital Hearing Aid

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Siemens/Signia Small Digital FAST Hearing Aid

Siemens/Sigina Small Digital FAST P Hearing Aid - Recommended for Moderate hearing loss to Severe hearing loss


  • Perfect for: hearing your TELEVISION programs, talking with your FRIENDS, hearing your RADIO shows, working on your COMPUTER
  • Our best Selling SIGNA digital hearing aid because it is lightweight, comfortable, and very easy to use
  • High-Quality Sound Output - Digital signal processing chip 
  • REDUCED BACKGROUND NOISE - Microphone background noise abatement
  • For Left or Right ears - Fits either ear comfortably
  • REDUCED FEEDBACK - Feedback elimination system 
  • EASY to USE and READY TO GO -Ready-To-Wear
  • VERY DURABLE - New robust design 
  • EAST to ADJUST - Push button to operate
  • Resistant to Water - Moisture-Resistant 
  • EASY VOLUME CONTROL - Rocker volume control
  • TRUE SOUND - Low distortion of sound
  • Moderate to Severe hearing loss