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HEAR-BETTER.COM Established in 2009

HEAR-BETTER.COM has provided tens of thousands of customers quality hearing aids over the past eleven years.



WEBWIRE – Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The need to buy hearing aids can leave you feeling overwhelmed. That’s why a large number of people are turning to hear-better.com to hear better and to purchase the best hearing aids available at prices.

Hear-better.com offers a large selection of digital hearing aids including the popular Siemens hearing aids line the will help you hear better. Other popular makers include the New Sound line, ranked as one of the most innovative in the world. The budget shopper will enjoy our own Doctor Paul line of hearing aids which are low cost and highly effective at helping you hear better.

When you shop at Hear-better.com, you will be able to choose between in-ear hearing aids that are small, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and offer many powerful features.

You will find more than great hearing aid prices when you shop at Hear-better.com. You will also find a wide selection of batteries, ear tips, tubes, and replaceable parts for your current or new hearing aids. Pair this large selection and low cost with a 60 day no questions asked return policy and swift 24-hour shipping and you’ll see why shopping Hear-better.com just makes sense.

At Hear-Better.com we know first hand what it’s like to suffer the loss of hearing, often a sense that’s taken for granted until it starts to fail.

At Hear-Better we can help you hear better!

With the latest behind ear hearing aids, we can help restore your way of life through better hearing.

Unlike other retailers, we know our products work. That’s why at Hear-Better.com we stand behind our hearing aids with a 60 day no questions asked return policy.

Our mission is to offer you exceptional value by providing high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices.


Under Graduate: Pennsylvania State University the Behrend College

Clinical Research: Villanova University School of Nursing

Doctorate: Widener University

Work History:

  • Rorer Group
  • Rorer Pharmaceuticals
  • Rhone- Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals
  • DuPont
  • New Drug Services

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