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Digital hearing instruments

Digital Hearing Instruments

When you’re searching for tools to improve your listening ability, you’ll run into the terms “hearing aids” and “hearing instruments.” Both of the terms refer to devices that increase the volume of sound a person hears. The main distinction isn’t between an instrument and an aid; it’s between analog and digital hearing instruments (aids).

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Innovative Digital Hearing Instruments

The first hearing aids were an incredible innovation — at the time. Today’s technology offers features and advancements that the pioneers of hearing aids, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, could likely never have imagined.

The innovative digital instruments available at Hear-Better offer various options for mild, moderate, and, in some cases, severe hearing loss. Digital hearing aids take the basic design of an analog version, including the microphone and computer, and transform them into digital signals.

Through this process, the internal computer chip analyzes each sound wave and optimizes it to ensure clarity and quality. Once the chip “gets to know” your common sounds, it can even learn how to target certain noises and fade others, like background sounds, out!

Improve Your Listening Experience with Digital Hearing Instruments

When you’re ready to level up your listening experience, digital hearing instruments help you reach this goal. Cutting-edge features have evolved the definition of a hearing aid, adding components like programmable settings, directional microphones, and feedback cancellation. Eliminate unwanted noise, enhance your overall sound quality, and enjoy the sensation of natural hearing with a digital hearing aid instrument.

Changes in technology have also revamped the comfortability of hearing devices. Now, your digital hearing aid can be customized to sit in the ear (ITE) or behind the ear (BTE). Options like mini BTE hearing aids make wearing the device more discreet and open the airways in the ear for better ventilation. For more severe or profound hearing assistance, special hearing aids are designed to offer powerful noise amplification.

Shop High-Quality Digital Hearing Aid Instruments at Hear Better

Hearing loss can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. At Hear-Better, our affordable, high-quality hearing aids ensure you can carry on a conversation easily, even in a whisper, watch your favorite TV shows without letting the neighbors hear them, and avoid embarrassing feedback in public.

Shop our high-quality digital hearing aid instruments at Hear-Better and see how our life-changing devices can help you maximize your quality of life. Our experts are available to answer your questions, guide your purchases, and assist you with any issues as you get familiar with your new hearing device.

Our knowledgeable and friendly professionals at Hear-Better are ready and able to transition you into the new world of improved listening with technologically advanced digital hearing aids today.

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