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Severe Loss

Severe Loss

Affordable Digital Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Loss

We have the Best Hearing Aids at the lowest prices!

Hear-Better.Com carries the best hearing aids for severe hearing loss. We have Siemens, Phonak, New Sound and Doctor hearing aids for Severe to Profound hearing loss. We have hearing aids the work very well with Sever as well as hearing aids that are for profound hearing loss. We have our inexpensive hearing aid brand Doctor Paul.

Our severe hearing loss hearing aids work very well for most people. Their quality microphones and powerful speaker allow you to hear even if you have severe or profound hearing loss. We have hearing aids for severe hearing loss for every budget. From our inexpensive Doctor Paul hearing aids to our high quality Phonak, Siemens/Signia, and New Sounds we have the severe hearing aid for you. 


PHONAK QUEST 10 SP & FREE 1 YR Extended Warranty (PROGRAMMED for SEVERE LOSS) Strong and Affordable Digital Hearing Aid PROGRAMMABLE (Fits Either Ear)


PHONAK Quest 10 SP [Powerful hearing aid, Strong Hearing Aid] 3 Channel, 3 Program, Programmable Digital Hearing Aid in Natural Beige Shade | Standard, Behind-the-Ear [BTE] Fit Choose PHONAK Quest 10 SP for easy-fitting, discreet BTE hearing aids that...

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