TACTear In-Ear 2 Channel Affordable Digital Hearing Aid LEFT

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TACTear In Ear 2 Channel Digital LEFT Hearing Aid

MODERATE Hearing Loss

  • Fully DSP-based Multi-Memory Amplifier
  •  Mini Size and Bionic Shape
  • 2 Channels
  • Multi-Band
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Hidden Volume Trimmer
  • 2 different sized tips for comfort
  • Adaptable Feedback Cancellation

TACTEar In-Ear 2 Channel Digital Hearing Aid [Left Ear] with Hidden Volume Trimmers, DSP Amplifier | Bionic Shape, In-Ear Fit

 The New Sound TACTEar in-ear digital hearing aid comes in bionic shape with hidden volume trimmers to provide you comfortable hearing experience. This mini sized device comes in natural Tan color and smoothly fits inside your left ear. The two different sized tips make it a customizable aid to fit almost every ear size and works for all levels of hearing losses. Multiple amplitude levels and background noise cancellation feature helps the customers avail optimal speech understanding and hearing comfort. 

Packaged Content (everything you need to get started)

One left hearing aid

2 different sized tips


Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10




Quick Overview

Fully DSP-based Multi-Memory Amplifier

Mini Size and Bionic Shape

Designed for left ear

2 Channels


Hidden Volume Trimmer

2 different sized tips for comfort

Adaptable Feedback Cancellation

Suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss

Product Details to Help You Buy Better!


Comfortable Design: The TACTEar in-ear audio aid is given a small construct with bionic shape of an ear to provide snug fit to the users. The package includes two tips of different sizes and hidden volume trimmer for comfortable hearing experience


Optimized Sound Quality: The digital sound processing (DSP) amplifier improves efficiency of sound signals to help you converse in a flow. This digital hearing aid contains multi-band feature that compensates for moderate to severe hearing loss


Instant Output Processing: In-ear hearing aid comes with adaptable feedback cancelling feature which restrict the frequency range to preserve audibility of all sound pitches. It also enhances sound clarity by reducing background noise


Digital Audio-Aid: In-ear hearing device comes with multi-memory amplifier that works with a light push of your hand. The modular complete in canal (MCIC) build-up and Tan color of device help it stay discreetly inside ear without catching attention.


Please Note:

TACTEar In-Ear 2 Channel digital hearing aid is digitally designed to amplify sound quality and help you hear clearly and comfortably. This device is not meant to be replaced or added to any undergoing medical treatment.  Look for a professional opinion to be sure about the type of hearing aid that fits you better!


Why Buy TACTEar In-Ear by NewSound?


Since 2004, NewSound has been raising the benchmarks for sound amplifiers and hearing aids, ensuring the hearing impaired have easy access to affordable, practical solutions. Across the world, NewSound is trusted for quality-first hearing aids with features like noise reduction, dual microphones, and feedback cancellation. Easily meeting and often surpassing the global standards in this segment, NewSound continues to be one of the top makers of app controlled and rechargeable hearing aids. Compliance with ISO 13485 certificated systems underlines how NewSound has groomed and developed its R&D and quality control. With an expanding inventory of products certified by the CE and FDA, NewSound continues to make bigger footprints worldwide!

2 Channel New Sound In Ear Digital Hearing Aid LEFT

More Information
Hearing Aid Type In Ear
Hearing Loss Moderate to Severe
Battery Size 10
Channels 2
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