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5 Ways to Deal with Hearing Loss at Workplace

May 02, 2022

5 Ways to Deal with Hearing Loss at Workplace

At workplace effective communication is the key to success on business front. But, being a hearing-impaired worker, the same communication method turns challenging and navigating the workplace becomes hard, which often leads to a loss of self-confidence and feeling of solitude. In a busy work environment and dealing with misunderstandings can leave you discouraged and mentally stressed. However, with a positive attitude coupled with the right technology, this problem can be tackled comfortably.

Discuss with Co-workers

It is better to let your colleagues and supervisor know about your hearing impairment so that they can know about your situation. People will be happy to work once they get habituated and find out an effective way to communicate with you.

Open About Your Needs

A good employer should be willing to help you with the things you need to get your job done to the best of your ability. Request your boss for some accommodations such as a captioned phone or a hearing loop. Your hearing aids can then pick up sound no matter where you sit. With this you can also have the phone call played directly into my hearing aids for a much louder and clearer conversation.

Use Non-Vocal Tools

Email is an alternative and most commonly used communication method at workplace compared to over-the-phone communication. Try to initiate a conversation with colleagues by always emailing them. Sometime replies could take time depending on the person’s availability. In this situation use instant messaging services or leave a text message on their phone. Gradually they will get used to your preferred way of communication.

Choose Right Work Area

Where you sit in an office can make a huge impact on how well you hear with the impaired device. Make sure to choose your desk in a quiet area of the office so you can hear important things and can see the people around you. Getting a corner seat with your back to a wall would be a better option to minimize the noise, blocking it off dual direction.

Better Hearing Aid Devices

To better all the aspects of your daily life and your work performance go for improved hearing aids. Hearing aids come with advanced features and smaller size comparatively. The Adjustable channel feature can amplify certain sounds to make you hear from omni direction unlike conventional mikes, which cuts background noise to focus. Now you can control and sync hearing aids with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Hearing impairment can leave a big impact on your social and work life, but make sure with willingness and confidence you can come up as the winner and set an example to others. Before upgrading to advance hearing aid options, you must choose the suitable pick for you. Online shopping stores like hear better are offering a superior range of cheap hearing aids with advanced features. Choose better to hear better!

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