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Best Ways To Protect Your Ears At Concerts

May 02, 2022

Best Ways To Protect Your Ears At Concerts

There may be nothing more exciting than hearing your beloved band or artist perform live at concerts, and getting proximity to the stage is nothing short of a dream for a true fan. For most, loud music gives the euphoric thrill they seek at music concerts. But, what people don’t gauge is the grave damage it causes to your hearing capabilities, especially if you attend these concerts and music festivals regularly.

High volume levels from loudspeakers can lead to noise-induced hearing loss and other hearing disabilities. Paying heed to protect hearing becomes more crucial as it is considerably challenging to restore it once gone.

So how can you attend concerts without permanently damaging your hearing? Let’s take a glance at a few useful tips to guard your eardrums at concerts.

Choose the Venue Wisely

The loud sound within the confined places has a more damaging effect than the ones held outdoors. The loud noises in confined or limited areas have no space to dissipate and diffuse in the surroundings. Hence, intimate spaces, in turn, put you at higher risk of noise-induced hearing loss issues. So try and pick an outdoor concert venue whenever possible to avoid risking your hearing organ.

Also, try to scope the venue and set-up beforehand to be at a safe distance from the loudspeakers during the live performance.

Put on a Hearing Protection

The sound volume in live concerts averages between 100 and 120 dB, which is significantly higher than the safe limit (> 85 dB) as recommended by hearing specialists. Hence, wearing ear protection like earplugs or noise cancellation headphones to reduce loud volume is crucial.

Ensure having a pair or two of earplugs handy for your next concert. You can purchase re-usable inexpensive hearing aids that subdue the volume of music but don’t muffle the quality of the sound altogether.

Take Frequent Breaks

Plan frequent breaks during the whole span of the concert, especially after a loud set or a stretch of an hour. Walk out of the venue for 10-15 minutes to let your ears adjust to the normal levels of the sound.

Wander off for a snack or restroom break to calm your hearing senses. This will give your delicate eardrums a much-needed break as well as help to relax your mind. Reset and carefully place your inexpensive hearing aids before re-entering the scene.

Recover from Exposure

Now that you have enjoyed the concert, keep in mind to let your ears recover from the exposure. So after a long night of loud music, follow a 24-hour no music restriction. Allow your hearing organ to take a pause from music and recover from extreme sound exposure.

Avoid using your headphones as much as you can and going to loud places for a few days, lower down the volume of other sound devices in proximity for some time. Experts recommend listening music using headphones at no more than 60% volume level and for not more than 60 minutes per day.

Visit a Hearing Specialist at Regular Intervals

Regardless of whether you follow the required measure keep your hearing in good health, paying a visit to your hearing specialist at regular intervals is necessary to maintain its wellbeing. Hearing loss can at times be a part of getting old, getting it tested often can help you pick up the signs early and take action accordingly.

Get a hearing test whenever you notice any signs of hearing impairment. Ask the specialist about consumer report hearing aids that suits your hearing loss needs if any.

Ready to Enjoy your Favorite Rock-band without Worrying about your Hearing?

Music is a way of expressing our feeling and emotions. To some, it is a fuel for the soul that helps to escape the hardships of life. Going to concerts and getting lost in the sound is not bad, but protecting this vital organ is equally essential. Follow the above tips to protect your ears for unwanted damage. Next time before attending a live concert, find the best price on hearing aids online and buy it to protect your ears from damage.

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