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How do I Get Water Out of my Ears?

May 02, 2022

How do I Get Water Out of my Ears?

There are no words to express the fun and joy people get while playing in the water. Water may get trapped in the ears while splashing water or showering or swimming occasionally almost everyone might experience it.

Often people feel their ear canal pretty full and the sensation of water jostling around the ear would be the common symptoms people of all ages would experience when water is trapped in their ear.

Here this article will elaborate on how to get rid of the trapped water out of your ear at ease. Well, before getting into the core topic, let us explain how and why water traps in ears.

How & Why Does Water Get Stuck In My Ears?

There are several ways water can trap in narrow wear canals among those most common reasons would be excessive earwax or the presence of any foreign object.

People of all ages who spend a lot of their time in water can experience this problem whenever they go under the water. Also, when people do the flip or handstand it can lead the water through their ears.

Now, this question would raise almost every reader of this article! Is it risky when water is trapped in ears?

The answer to that question is almost NO! Because the human ear has a waxy substance which is a water-repellent-substance so almost water would come out gently every time. Very rare occasions if water tends to get stuck in ears then bacteria growth and getting swimmer’s ear may occur. If it occurred you may need to visit an ENT specialist to cure else you may require programmable hearing aids as time goes.

Ways to Remove Water from Ear Canal

Well, almost every person in this world would be aware to jiggle their ear and to shake their head to get rid of the trapped water from their ear canal. If they feel water still trapped in their ears, try the below-given way to release it.

1. Vacuum Your Ear

Place your cupped palm on your ear and tilt your head sideways. Tight your palm with your ears and create a seal. Now push your hand back & front gently towards your ear this will create a vacuum and allow the trapped water to drain.

2. Use Alcohol & Vinegar Ear Drops

Alcohol evaporates the water and also plays a vital role in eliminating the bacteria presence from the ear. On the other hand, if water trapping occurred due to earwax buildup vinegar helps to remove it. Apply 3 to 4 drops of the ear drops and wait for 30 seconds and tilt your head sideways to let the drops drain out.

3. Try Olive Oil

Olive Oil is one of the natural substances which can repel water out from ears and also helps to prevent your ears from getting a further infection. After dropping a few drops of warm olive oil into the affected ear, wait for 10 minutes and drain the oil by tilting the head; this will help water to repel out.

Removing Water From Middle Ear

Some may experience congestion in their middle ear, in such cases; people can try these options to get rid of the trapped water.

1. Yawn or chew

Movement in the mouth can help the trapped water in Eustachian tubes to drain out. So people can yawn or use chewing gum to drain the trapped water from their ears.

2. Do Valsalva maneuver

This method will open the closed Eustachian tubes. After taking a deep breath, close your mouth and gently squeeze your nostrils using fingers. Now, slowly blow the air out through your nose by doing so, you may hear a popping sound inside your ear which means Eustachian tubes opened. Never try to blow out too hard; it may cause damage to your eardrum.

3. Use Steam

Allowing warm steam to pass through your ears will release the stuck water from your middle ear. Try a hot shower or cover your head by tilting sideways with a towel by taking hot water in a bowl placing it right under the affected ears, passing steam will drain water from your ears.

When to See Doctor

The above-listed ways would surely get rid of the trapped water inside your ear. However, if you feel water stuck into your ears for 2 to 3 days or witnessing any sign of infections like ear getting swollen or inflamed you should visit your doctor to prevent yourself from experiencing hearing loss and to seek discount hearing aidsin the market.

To Summarize

If you are experiencing such problems quite often then you should take proper precaution before getting yourself under the water from the hearing experts. You may need to wear earplugs that are washable & reusable.

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