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How Does Hearing Loss Can Affect Overall Health?

May 02, 2022

How Does Hearing Loss Can Affect Overall Health?

Maintaining healthy hearing habits is important for your overall healthy lifestyle. Hearing loss is the most common health condition facing adults nowadays.

Untreated hearing loss has been linked to a variety of other health issues both physical and psychological this includes:

  • Cognitive decline
  • Anxiety
  • Depression and
  • Increased risk of falls

People with hearing loss often have difficulty talking. This may begin to withdraw from social activities and spending time with family. Get your hearing checked earlier.

Hearing loss is very common in older individuals and is linked to depression. It is critically important to take a step to address it. Talk to your hearing care specialist such as an audiologist to get your hearing tested.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hearing loss may be undetected for many years. Symptoms of hearing loss are:

  1. You can hear but won’t understand
  2. You may mumble too much and don’t speak clearly
  3. Likewise, you may have constant buzzing or ringing in the ears
  4. Difficulty hearing in noisy places
  5. You may loud talker
  6. Frequently ask others to repeat what they said
  7. Overly sensitive to loud sound
  8. May avoid social situations or group conversations
  9. You struggle to understand when talking on the phone
  10. You may exhaust by conversation

If you have any of these symptoms you need to consult your local audiologist or a specialist to treat it earlier before it gets worse.

Health Issues Caused by Hearing loss

1. Risk of Dementia Increase

It is a group of symptoms that affects your memory, thinking ability and interferes with daily life.

2. Depression

Along with dementia, the social isolation experienced by those with hearing loss can also contribute to feelings of depression. Moderate to severe depression may cause an increase in the severity of hearing loss.

3. Heart disease

Low frequency of hearing loss can lead to heart disease. Based on the study reports, experts have found out a link between hearing loss and heart disease.

4. Hearing loss for Diabetic Patients

People suffering from diabetes are at the risk of experiencing hearing loss twice as much as normal people. So if you know anyone who might be diabetic, it might do them wonders if you inform them of other factors such as non-healing diabetic foot ulcers.

5. Medications

Over-the-counter and prescription drugs can cause ototoxicity, or damage the inner ear. Ototoxicity causes hearing loss which stops sometimes by discontinuation of the medication.

Tips to Keep Your Hearing Healthy

  • Stay Active
  • Going on a regular walk- moving around is a great way to help blood flow to your brain.
  • Stay social

Hearing loss in one or both ears will range from mild to profound. And the good news is that even if you are affected by hearing loss, there are numerous solutions to overcome it. One of the most promising ways is using a hearing aid.

Features To Look-Out While Buying Hearing Aids

These days people prefer to buy hearing aids online which is quite common in this digital era. Buying online hearing aids gives the real pleasure of picking suitable hearing aids from multiple sellers after comparing the price tag.

Hearing aids have different features that can be built to help in different communication situations. Here are the vital features that need to be checked before buying it.

  • Directional microphone: This feature helps users to hear even in noisy environments. It allows the sound which is coming from a specific direction to be amplified to a greater level compared to sound from other directions.
  • T-coil– It allows users to switch easily between the normal microphone settings and to the T-coil setting that makes you hear the better sound quality.

The direct audio output allows you to plug in a remote microphone, connect directly to the TV or connect to other devices.

This may improve the performance of hearing loss with specific listening situations.

Features of Siemens Hearing aids You Need To Know

Well, when compared to all other existing hearing aids in the market, the hearing aid kit manufactured by Siemens seems to be something special. Siemens hearing aids are the favorite for many around the world.

Siemens hearing aids cost somewhat higher when compared with normal hearing aids, but when compared with its functionality it is reasonable. Check out some interesting features you can find on Siemens hearing aids.

  • It is easy to wear, highly durable, and lightweight.
  • You can adjust the volume to the minimum while wearing it.
  • No prescription or size required.
  • Hearing amplifiers on Siemens help to improve speech, increase confidence and intelligibility.
  • It retains voices and improves your hearing.
  • It has a key to adjust the volume

It is highly recommended to buy quality Siemens hearing aids only from Wholesale hearing aids to buy it for the best and competitive price.

Bottom Line Hearing loss consequences in daily life and health conditions are closely related. One can avoid such health issues caused because hearing loss can be overcome by using hearing aids. 

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