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How to Change the Hearing Aid Batteries

May 02, 2022

How to Change the Hearing Aid Batteries

Did you know that it is not necessary to wear two hearing aids? Yes, you heard it right. In case you are running out of battery, you can use one hearing aid at a time and get along very well. And did you know that a hearing aid can even be used with partial hearing loss to make communication better? Yes, hearing aids have been helping people with partial to total hearing loss to make excellent communications.

A hearing aid is a convenient device that anyone can easily use. It comes primarily in two types concerning charging: Rechargeable hearing aids and aids with disposable batteries. The rechargeable hearing aids come with a docking station which is used to charge them. The ones that have disposable batteries demand battery change at regular intervals. Again, these hearing aids can be classified as Receiver-In-canal (RIC) type, Behind-The-Ear (BTE) type, and In-The-Ear (ITE) type. There can be some changes in the battery storage of these devices, but the measures to be taken before changing the battery do not change.

When to Change the Battery

You can check if the battery needs to be changed. Clasp your hand around the hearing aid with the batteries. If you hear a whistling sound, then the battery is working fine. In case you don’t listen to it, then you can think about changing it. Otherwise, you can get a battery tester. All you have to do is insert the batteries in question inside. The readings on the indicator will indicate if the batteries are working or not. The life of the battery depends on its usage.

While changing the batteries is not a big deal, one can get confused between these hearing aids. Given below is the way to change the batteries in these individual types.

Changing Batteries of a RIC Type Hearing Aid

These hearing aids come in a color-coded battery system given as an indicator of battery size. See the color on your hearing aid and get the new batteries of the appropriate size. Open the battery door, replace the batteries, close the battery door. Ensure that the battery door is fastened correctly. Hold the hearing aid in your hand. Wait for the whistling sound to ensure that you have perfectly fitted the batteries. If you do not get it, recheck the connections of the batteries.

Changing the Batteries of a BTE Type Hearing Aid

The users need to change the batteries regularly. The size of the battery and its usage will determine when exactly you need to change the batteries. Similarly, open the battery door, replace the batteries and close the battery door. For the best utilization of the batteries, it is advised to keep such hearing aids turned off when not in use to stop the battery consumption.

Changing the Batteries of an ITE Type Hearing Aid

Open the battery door, remove the old batteries, add the new batteries and close the door. Check for the whistling sound to ensure that the battery door has been completed correctly. The size of the device can be tiny. You can use the magnetic tools to take out and put the batteries inside. Running out of the battery of an ITE type of hearing aid can be disappointing. So, keep spare batteries with you to immediately change the old batteries as the hearing aid stops functioning.

Take following measures while changing the batteries.

  • Select the correct battery size by observing the color-coding. Check the color of the battery before opening the package.
  • Batteries such as Zinc-air batteries should be first exposed to the air for 60 seconds and then put into the hearing aid. These batteries absorb Oxygen and activate to run for their maximum capacity.
  • Check the right side of the battery before inserting it into the battery space. The smoother surface of the battery is the positive side, and the pointed side is the opposing side. Always keep the positive side facing up in the battery slot.
  • After removing the old batteries, check for moisture inside. If found, it should be cleaned with a dry cloth, and then the batteries should be inserted.

Changing the batteries of every type of hearing aid has the same procedure. With care and precautions, changing the batteries of a hearing aid becomes easy. Magnetic tools are available to make the process easier for you. Visit our website today to get your hands on the best quality hearing aids under $100.

Have a pair of batteries with you always and keep the hearing aid turned off when not in use. Use the best quality hearing aids for the best experience. You can find every hearing aid with us, including programmable hearing aids.

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