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New Hearing Aid? Dealing With Hearing Aid Issues

May 02, 2022

New Hearing Aid? Dealing With Hearing Aid Issues

Getting a hearing aid for the first time can bring a whole lot of difficulties. While hearing unheard sounds will be exhilarating, it’s also natural to have some concerns about it. Getting used to hearing aids takes time, and like any other electronic device, hearing impairment aids also come with an array of adjusting problems. But once the adjustment period is over, you will start to feel comfortable and respond naturally to the new sounds around you.

Having said that, let’s discuss some of the top concerns that you might face while adjusting to your new hearing aid, and find ways to deal with it.

  • Acclimating to Hearing Subtle Background Noise

As you must have spent a lot of time not hearing the usual sounds, it might take some time and effort to get comfortable with subtle background noises such as traffic noise from outside, background conversations, noise from appliances, etc.

Bear in mind that feeling a little uncomfortable with these unwanted sounds are normal, and this discomfort won’t last forever. Ensure to pick inexpensive hearing aids with noise cancellation feature to minimize the background noises.

  • Running out of Battery at Odd Places

Hearing aids run on battery, which means you will always need to be aware of your hearing aid’s battery life. As it is hard to assume when your battery might need to be replaced, it is smart to keep the spares available with you always.

Batteries are small and convenient to carry around. While you are getting used to wearing a hearing aid, make a habit of carrying a set of batteries or get yourself a rechargeable hearing aid. You just need to recharge such hearing aids once before leaving the house like smartphones.

  • Getting Attuned to Wearing them

When you initially start wearing a hearing aid, it’s going to feel a little odd, maybe even heavy, despite its small size. Many people end up getting disappointed in the very first few days of using them. Here, patience is required to overcome the initial hiccup. Just like wearing spectacles can be a little strange at first, but once you get used to wearing them, it feels natural.

These days, hearing aids are available in the market in smaller sizes, sleek designs and comfortable shapes that are unlikely to disrupt any routine physical activity. So search for high-quality, low-price hearing aids and get attuned to wearing them to enjoy its benefits.

  • Volume Adjustment Issues

Initially, hearing aids may require some adjustment. Whether you are talking over the phone, listening to music, sitting at a restaurant or attending a party, you might need to get your hearing aid tweaked a few times before finding a perfect sound balance as per your hearing needs.

Do not hesitate to ask your professional hearing aid provider to make some adjustments in your hearing aid parts to make your hearing experience suitable and more comfortable for you. Some hearing aids also come with remote control and Smartphone Apps, which allows you to have discreet and smooth volume control over your hearing aid when required.

  • Crackling Feedback Sound

When hearing aids pick up on their own operating noises, usually when something is rubbed against them or when you hug someone, they end up amplifying the sounds more than usual, causing a crackling, high-pitched squealing sound for a moment. This noise is known as feedback.

However, there is not much you can do to avoid this occasional feedback, you can avoid turning the hearing aid on until you wear and fit it well in your ear. You can also buy a hearing aid that comes with a feedback elimination feature to get rid of this issue.

A Better Life with Hearing Aid

Starting to wear a hearing aid can be a life-changing experience. After a few days, weeks or month, once you get used to wearing a hearing aid, you will start to enjoy the new experiences that come with better hearing and being an active part of the conversations around. Have patience and don’t get discouraged by some initial snags. Research and get your first hearing aid cut out for your hearing needs without any hesitation or worrying about these temporary concerns.

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