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Playing Board Games with hearing loss

Posted by DR Paul on Mar 04, 2023

Playing Board Games with hearing loss

Many people with hearing loss enjoy playing board games with friends and family. While some traditional board games may require a significant amount of verbal communication, there are many games that can be played without relying heavily on verbal cues or voices. The key is to find the right kind of game for your group.

Strategy or cooperative games are often the best choices for players with hearing loss. These games require less verbal exchange, focusing on cooperation and problem-solving. Players may benefit from the additional challenge of understanding the rules without relying heavily on what others say. Popular cooperative board games include Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and Unstable Unicorns.

Party or trivia-style games are other excellent options for players with hearing loss. These games may require less verbal communication and more visual cues, such as card-matching or charades. Popular party board games include Codenames and Apples to Apples.

It is also important to consider the physical design of a game when playing with hearing loss. Many traditional board games have loud components or require the use of multiple dice. These may be difficult to manage for players with hearing loss, so it is best to find a game that is low-noise and easy to follow.

In short, playing board games with hearing loss can be an enjoyable experience if you are able to find the right kind of game. Look for cooperative and party-style games that rely more on visual cues rather than verbal ones, and make sure the components of the game are easy to manage. With a little bit of creativity and research, you can find a great board game for your group!

Happy playing! 

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