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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hearing Aid

May 02, 2022

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hearing Aid

The use of hearing aids have really made a difference in the life of people with hearing loss issues. The analog hearing aids were limited to simple amplification of the sounds whereas a digital hearing aid processes the sounds and amplifies the ones that may be significant to you.

How the Digital Hearing Aid Works?

Hearing aids generally comprise four main parts – a microphone, a receiver, a battery, and the amplifier. The amplifier here is responsible for making the sounds louder. In the case of a digital hearing aid, this amplifier is like a small processing unit where the surrounding voices are processed to reduce the background or unwanted sounds so that the output is more clear and audible.

Most of the digital hearing aids are programmable hearing aids. It means that the settings can be modified as per your level of hearing loss. Also, there may be different modes for different environments such as office, home, party, etc.

Let’s look at some of the questions you must ask before purchasing a digital hearing aid.

Is the brand you are purchasing, well known in the field of hearing aids?

It is crucial that you must pick the brand that has already made its mark in the field of manufacturing quality digital hearing aids. Many brands such as Siemens and Phonak are among the top providers in the market, in terms of quality and features. People opt for digital hearing aids to improve upon their hearing capabilities that cannot be compromised with low-quality or products from lesser-known brands.

Is the digital hearing aid easy to operate and adjust by yourself?

Most digital hearing aids are available with a variety of settings to adjust as per your surrounding environment. Also, there may be settings to match the output sound with your impairment level. If the settings are too complex, you would need to visit your audiologist or seller to get it done. You must look for digital hearing aids with settings that are easy to use and operate.

Is your digital hearing aid moisture resistant?

An overexposure to humidity or moisture due to sweat or other reasons may damage your digital hearing aid, interfering with its normal functioning. Hence, moisture-resistant is one desirable feature that you must look for while purchasing a digital hearing aid. Companies such as Siemens offer digital hearing aids with this feature.

Is your digital hearing aid available at a reasonable or affordable price?

Apart from being a quality product from a well-known brand, it is also important that the price of your digital hearing aid must be in the affordable range. SIGNIA hearing aids cost is quite reasonable when it comes to the top-performing brands. Also, New Sound hearing aids and hearing aids from Phonak are available at affordable prices.

You may compare the prices of the top available brands to select the right one for yourself. If you can’t afford one yet, you can try earning some cash on trusted sites like.

Is your digital hearing aid programmable?

There are digital hearing aids available in that market that can be custom programmed as per your exact hearing loss level. Generally, hearing testing is performed at the time of purchase and the device is programmed as per your requirement. The programmable feature is available generally for both moderate as well as severe hearing loss. If you wish to get just the best for yourself, go for a programmable digital hearing aid.

Is the seller providing extended warranty and after-sales support?

It may sometimes happen that you face issues after purchasing your digital hearing aid. It is therefore important that your seller provides an extended warranty and after-sales support to enhance the customer’s experience. Most of the sellers provide 24*7 free support to their customers and you must make sure to purchase your hearing aids from such sellers only.

Hearing Aid With a Difference:

Digital hearing aids are technically advanced and can give you the best experience from among the available options. Also, online hearing aids can also be purchased these days from the comforts of your home. You just need to make sure that you address the above-mentioned points before making the purchase and get ready for the best, personalized experience.

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