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Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids in 2023

Posted by DR Paul on Oct 20, 2022

Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids in 2023

Time For a New Hearing Aid?

Today, there’s technological advancement in almost every industry. However, like any other technological device, hearing aids are also likely to get outdated over time.

No one wants to spend their money unnecessarily on a new hearing aid with just a minor technological advancement. So, how do you know whether you need to upgrade to a new hearing aid or not?

Often, hearing aid users find that their old hearing aids are not as powerful as they were when bought for the first time. Your hearing loss goes from severe to profound but you are still using the standard hearing aids. It is time to invest in upgraded, stronger hearing aid.

Also, changes in your overall health also lead to the need to buy a new stronger hearing aid. For instance, if you are using in-ear hearing aids, the small battery door may feel difficult to open due to its constrained dexterity. So, you need to consider using behind-the-ear hearing aids. Some models even have rechargeable hearing aid batteries that are very easy to maintain.

Are You using hearing aids that are 5 plus years old?

Many hearing aids are designed to last for around three to seven years. Hearing aid users wonder why their hearing aid doesn’t last that long. It is because these devices experience a lot of wear and tear. It's just like any other electronic device, which will also work slowly after a while with constant wear and tear, as well as regular use. Despite taking good care of a device, it’s likely to get exposed to ear wax and moisture which has a damaging impact over time.

Even older devices won’t function as steadily as newer versions. Today’s upgraded hearing aids are more likely tiny computers running on algorithms to refine one’s hearing experience. Depending on the type of hearing aid you purchase, modern hearing devices use advanced technology for:

  • Detecting and amplifying the speaker in front of the hearing aid user
  • Detecting and reducing unwanted background noises or even the wind noise
  • Programming through a smartphone app
  • Connecting to some Bluetooth-enabled external devices

Changes in lifestyle

Major lifestyle changes can be a reason to buy new hearing devices. You may find out that the old hearing aid parts or features are no longer serving your current needs. For instance, you have bought a new smartwatch and phone that cannot connect to your hearing aid. Or maybe you are going on a hiking trip and need a device that’s suitable for rugged environments or able to reduce wind noise.

Your attitude towards hearing aids has changed

Most people are reluctant towards buying hearing aids. It usually takes several years for some people to get their hearing aids after the diagnosis of hearing loss. It also takes people more time to learn what they need to hear their best. Hearing aid users who are aware of their needs feel more comfortable with hearing aids.


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