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The Ultimate Guide to Protection of Hearing Aids in Harsh Weather

May 02, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Protection of Hearing Aids in Harsh Weather

Winter season is not only the bearer of numbing temperatures but also of terrible, dreaded winds and unpredictable storms. You may easily get used to the onslaught of harsh weather, but your poor hearing aids don’t find it all that easy to cope up. With this guide, figure out how you can keep your sensitive hearing aids free from the clutches of winter’s claws.

Escaping The Moisture

Getting caught in the rain can’t always be avoided when the weather remains as unpredictable as ever. If you’re walking back and forth from the wintry outdoors to heated interiors, it won’t be too long before moisture condenses in or behind your ears. This moisture then seeps into the sensitive tubing of your hearing aids and reduces their efficiency in the long run. The sound in your aids may turn garbled, distorted and uncomfortable.

Before going out into the harsh weather for an extended period of time, run some vital checks on your devices. Ensure that the hearing aids are dried up and have no signs of condensation in any of the units. Leave the devices opened up to allow any pent up moisture content to evaporate. Many hearing aids come with dehumidifiers, such as Siemens hearing aids available at affordable prices. Keep your hearing aids in these dehumidifiers to ensure no moisture buildup has taken place. It is also advisable to leave your hearing aids behind before you indulge in any strenuous winter activities and sports.

To remain warm and escape the moisture, make sure to cover your self up with hats, mufflers, or earmuffs. Wearing a sweatband can also aid in protecting your ears from any external moisture.

If you do notice any moisture build-up, wipe the hearing aids softly with a dry cloth. You can even use an air blower to keep the moisture at bay.

Invest In The Right Hearing Aids at Discounted Prices

Most hearing aids are usually designed to keep moisture out. However, that does not ensure they won’t be susceptible to terrible weather conditions and don’t need any further care. Investing in the right hearing aids, especially if you find yourself exposed to these weather conditions for extended periods of time, is a must. You may find the better quality hearing aids are pricier than you’d prefer. But they are worth the investment as they would serve to be more sustainable in the long run. Wait for seasons where hearing aids would be on sale, and invest in the best brands.

Protect The Batteries

Hearing aids contain sensitive batteries that are extremely susceptible to harsh weather. They may suffer from reduced life and may die out way sooner than you’d expect. Leaving your batteries out at night or just opening the battery compartment would allow any moisture build-up to evaporate.

Store the batteries in dry and warm areas if you do take them out. Keep them away from small dingy areas, especially your clothes’ pockets.

Investing in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries is also the smarter option as they are less susceptible to damage from cold weather. Keep changing them from time to time to avoid build-up of rust.

Protect The Hearing Aids From Getting Lost or Damaged

Sports activities are fun and engaging, and may avert your attention from the hearing aids tucked in your ears. To avoid coming home to a missing hearing aid, it is advisable to either attach the hearing aids to your clothing or leave them behind before stepping out. Steer clear of the stressful hassle of searching for your missing hearing aid in the thick snow, when you had planned an enjoyable day out instead. Buy clips for your aids that come with hooks and can be looped onto your clothes.

Make sure to develop routines to care for your hearing aids post-winter activities, and take certain steps to prevent too much negative damage in the long run.

So, folks, winter is coming and is bringing with it, an extended hand to an adventurous ride. Whether you like to cozy in or dive into the outdoors, your hearing aids are in peril from winter’s storm. Follow our guide to protecting your hearing gear from the herald of bad weather conditions, and never miss out on the fun that comes with enjoying the season!

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