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Why do my ears feel clogged? Find Simple Reasons

May 02, 2022

Why do my ears feel clogged? Find Simple Reasons

You usually don’t feel your normal ears, but you surely feel clogged ears. Clogged ears can bring direct pain or direct discomfort and it puts you in a position where you constantly feel irritated and uncomfortable. To deal with pain for this or another problem, you may want to know that CBD helps pain.

You might have asked your specialist many times that why do your ears feel clogged without even poking them. Here, I am going to elaborate on some simplest reasons for you to understand the reason behind clogged ears.

1. Accumulation of Earwax:

The most common reason for the clogged ears is the presence of Earwax. Earwax is produced to protect your ears from dirt and pollution. Earwax is supposed to keep your ear safe and clean but sometimes it becomes the reason behind your clogged ears.

When earwax is produced on its own, do not be your own doctor, and do not try to remove earwax with a cotton swab or any other tool. You might end up pushing earwax deeper in the canal and that will cause clogged ears. Consult a physician before performing any risky actions on your ears.

2. Sinus Issue:

Sinus is another common disease that is found in every third person you meet. Sinus causes runny nose, congestion, and sinus inflammation also effect on ears severely. Sinus creates pressure near the eardrum and that causes clogging of the ears.

The great news is the clogging caused by sinus pressure does not last for long and fades away with your cold. When you seek to cure your sinus issue, you also simultaneously take care of your clogged ears. To feel more comfortable, follow the instructions provided by your doctor.

3. Presence of Fluid in the ear:

Fluid trapped in the ear is an event that happens with us now and then. When we take bath or when we hit the pool, water flows in the ear inevitably. The fluid presence can also cause clogging of the ear.

The presence of fluid in the ear is not only caused by the water but sometimes it also indicates the presence of ear infection. So, next time you feel the presence of liquid in your ear, do not just tilt your head to remove the fluid but takes precautionary actions.

4. Change in Altitude:

When you are at an unusual height of the mountain or inside the plane at a high altitude, you must have felt a different kind of pain and clogging in your ear. Change in the altitude does causes ear clogging and it is quite natural phenomena so it is not much you can do about it.

The simplest thing to do in this situation is pop up your ears frequently by yourself till you feel normal like before. If you are not able to make your ears normal again and pop up activity does not work; then visit an audiologist and do not be lenient about it.

5. Blocked Eustachian tube:

This tube takes care of the ear pressure, some allergies and infection caused this tube to clog the ear. Change in altitude also caused blockage of this tube and eventually clogging. With simple yawning, chewing, swallowing, and breathing exercises you can unblock the tube and open the ear.

Other than the above-described reasons, the presence of foreign material in the ear, head trauma, loud sounds, ear infection, and severe changes in pressure can also cause clogging of the ear. Each of the different reason has a different treatment to resolve the clogging. Even after getting treatments, if you are still facing a problem then do not hesitate to seek a professional opinion.

How Hearing Aids help in unclogging Ears?

Hearing Aids is the best option when you have tried multiple remedies and still face the clogged ears. Some Consumer reports hearing aids have stated that perfect fitting hearing aids manage air pressure so that clogging that happens due to air pressure is no more.

New sound hearing aidsare the reason that you constantly and regularly clean the hearing aids and that dismisses the accumulation of unwanted earwax in the ear. When you have new sound hearing aids you are naturally going to take good care of them and you will not allow them to get debris of unwanted particles.

Low price hearing aidsare available in the market that gives exact same results as the expensive one does. When you are just concerned about unclogging your ear with the help of hearing aids, low price hearing aids should be preferred over expensive ones.

Concluding With:

Whenever you get a clogged ear, first you try to avoid it because it does not seem like a serious problem at first. When the pain goes out of control, you try to get the treatment that you should have gotten in the first place. With Low price hearing aids and new sound hearing aids, you can cure the clogged ears.

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