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Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid
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Powerful DIGITAL Sound Quality and Noise Reduction 


Small/Medium size

Doctor Rechargeable(in beige) Digital Hearing Aid

Powerful 120 dB Peak Sound Output

SEVERE Hearing Loss to PROFOUND Hearing Loss ( strong and powerful hearing aid!)

Powerful DIGITAL Sound Quality and Noise Reduction 

Hear-Better.Com is working hard to bring you more selections of rechargeable hearing aids and Bluetooth hearing aids.  We are test several new Bluetooth hearing aids and rechargeable hearing aids which we will offer our customers soon.

We have a variety of open fit hearing aids in different colors and sizes. We also have different sized open fit tubes and tips for your open fit hearing aids.

Hear-Better.Com only sells affordable hearing aids. Our hearing aids are from the top manufactures at the most affordable prices.

Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid included hearing aid accessories

Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid

Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid presets

Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid charging

Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid package includes

Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid included hearing aid accessories

Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Packing List:

•1 Digital Behind-the-Ear hearing aid

•1 User Manual

•3 different size earplugs to fit your ear and 2 sound tubes

•1 carrying case

1 Trimmer Tool

Hear What You are Missing – Hear-Better.Com digital hearing aids

More Information
Hearing Aid Type Standard Fit
Hearing Loss Severe to Profound
Battery Size Rechargeable
Channels 1
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