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6 Common Problems Hearing Aid Users Face and How to Fix Them

Oct 13, 2022

6 Common Problems Hearing Aid Users Face and How to Fix Them

A hearing aid is no less than a boon for people suffering from hearing loss. Thanks to this device, they can attain better clarity during conversations even in very busy locations. It also prevents work colleagues, family members, and friends from repeating themselves. Meanwhile, the affected people gain more confidence in their everyday life.

While hearing aids are extremely helpful, these devices are also likely to experience some common issues like any other technological device. It mostly happens when these are calibrated to someone’s custom amplification and unique hearing needs. Typically, people who are new to using a hearing aid instrument are likely to face more issues than those who are using it for quite some time.

Here are some of the very common hearing aid problems that many hearing aid users face. We also provide you the apt solutions to each problem while making the most of your hearing aid instrument.

1. Battery Issue

Since hearing aids are very small, they need an even smaller battery to run them. Therefore, they don’t have enough batter to make them go all day. However, some modern devices are coming up with better batteries than conventional models. So, they can last longer than old versions.


If you have old hearing aids with lesser battery life, you must carry spare batteries with you. You may even look for good-battery hearing aids for sale or ones with rechargeable batteries.

2. Excessive Earwax

Often earwax can interfere with the overall performance of your hearing aids. It mostly happens with excessive earwax, as it can get into the microphone and other tiny parts of the device.


Keep your ears, as well as hearing aids clean to avoid such issues. Or consider buying a hearing aid with a protective coating.

3. Feedback

Mostly, hearing aids are likely to pick up their operating sounds. It often happens when anything rubs against them. So, they end up causing static, amplifying, and high-pitched sounds.


Never turn on the hearing aids until they are well-fitting within your ears. If you feel feedback is the problem, invest in high-quality Siemens hearing aids with feedback elimination.

4. Headaches

If you are a new hearing aid user, you may or may not get mild headaches after wearing this device. It’s known as stuffy head syndrome. It often occurs when someone is trying to get used to the functionality and experience of this device.


If you experience this symptom or if it gets severe, there is something wrong with its setting or fitting. It is best to go to your nearest hearing aid center to get it well-fitted or adjusted as per your preference.

5. Moisture Problem

At some point in their lifetime, hearing aids are likely to get in contact with moisture. It is most likely to happen on a rainy day, when you’re sweating, while bathing, or in a swimming pool. While most hearing aids are designed to withstand such elements, as water, it’s best not to wear hearing aids in wet conditions.


If your device comes in contact with moisture or water, immediately take it off. After that, open its battery compartment and let it air dry. Or you may consider investing in open-fit hearing aids that are less prone to moisture.

6. Volume Control

The old hearing aid devices required a lot of volume adjustment, whether you are at a loud party, listening to a radio, or talking on your phone. The new users often fear that they have to do too much adjusting, especially when they are in outdoor places to hear specific things.


Modern hearing aids can automatically adjust to their surroundings. You don’t even have to do anything extra to adjust their volume manually. Some modern hearing aid devices even come with a remote control that lets you adjust the volume with ease.


If you are facing such hearing aid issues, do follow the given solutions. In case these solutions are of no help, it is best to go to the nearby hearing aid center to get help bringing your device back to its usual working condition.

However, if you want to invest in advanced hearing aids for sale online, explore Hear Better to get the best herding aids for yourself.

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