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Cleaning and Care Products

May 02, 2022

Cleaning and Care Products

The hearing aids need proper care and maintenance. So, it is necessary to keep your devices healthy and clean so that you can avoid any wear or tear. This will help in extending the lifetime of the device and keep hearing properly. We need to use the following items to make sure that the hearing devices and experience are not hampered.

  • Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers are designed to maintain and store all kinds of hearing aids. It has a chamber that dries and disinfects your hearing aids. With the use of Dehumidifiers and modern science technology, you can kill fungi and bacteria that will reduce itching and hamper the chances of bringing infections to your ears.
  • Cleaning Wipes: The cleaning wipes are equipped with a surface-active agent that works effectively against earwax. It does not cause any damage to the hearing aid. It helps in easing out the frequent cleaning of the hearing aids.
  • Cleaning Gel: The Cleaning Gel equipment is exclusively designed to solve the earwax immediately, and this helps in improving the audio quality of the hearing aids. There will be no damage to the hearing aids. Also, these cleaning gels will help in preventing skin irritations and eczema.

Know how to clean and what to use to clean your hearing aids

When you clean your hearing aids frequently, it will help in maintaining the lifetime and performance of the device. You can save money on future repairs. These devices are very easy to fit, and the below-mentioned hearing aid cleaning tips will help you to reduce the number of major contaminants like wax, debris, and dust.

Depending on the type of hearing aids, you need to know how to clean it. For example, you can consider the BTE technology that has an ear mold that can be submerged in water and can be cleaned using some solutions or soap. This might be harmful to the ITE device, so it is necessary to check with your hearing care provider to know what is the best way and methods to clean your hearing aid device based on its style and model.

Precautions to be taken

  • Wash your hands and keep the hearing aids dry
  • Avoid losing or breaking anything as the surface might be soft
  • Always handle the device with extra care
  • Turn the device upside down as the remaining debris will fall off
  • Never use a soaking wet cloth or unapproved solutions.
  • Check out www.hear-better.com for cleaning needs.
  • Never submerge hearing aid in cleaning gel.
  • Never keep the hearing aid in contact with water.

Things you will need

  • Wire loop for removing earwax out of the receiver
  • Debris removing brush to remove debris from the hearing aid, which is mostly for ITE devices and microphone
  • A wax pick can be useful to clear out the vent
  • A tubing air blower is a device that is used mostly for cleaning moisture out of the device tube, which helps in connecting your over-the-ear ear mold or dome
  • A multi-tool is available that is very handy when cleaning hearing aids as it has the magnet to help remove your battery

Let us know the steps involved in the cleaning process

  • Remove the batteries before cleaning the hearing aid.
  • Clean the shell or cast of your device with a soft cloth or brush, as mentioned above. You can use a damp or a wet cloth if there are any difficult parts or debris to remove.
  • Make sure to be careful when scooping out the debris. Focus on brushing the receiver when the scoping is completed.
  • Gently clean the microphone of the device using a brush.
  • After completing all these, keep the batteries and door open on a towel overnight. A dehumidifier helps in the long-lasting of the device.

The best and ideal way to take care of the hearing aids is to clean them manually. Keep a constant check on the overtime debris, dust, and wax as the wax will accumulate. Take advantage of your constant practices and clean checks.

When you follow this process, all the parts of your hearing aid will either be cleaned fully or replaced if it is not in perfect condition to function. This will make sure that the hearing aid device is working properly with the best technology. 

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