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7 Tips to Drive Safe With Hearing Loss

May 02, 2022

7 Tips to Drive Safe With Hearing Loss

Life can get complicated with hearing loss, especially when you are driving. This is because there are so many noises to deal with. In addition, one has to be constantly aware and alert while going as there is no option to enquire about anything on a busy road. Therefore, it is always better to stay prepared before traveling.

Tips for Driving Safe

1. Know the location

Try to view the map of the location before heading out and knowing the area. Knowing the routes beforehand is a great idea and avoiding unnecessary surprises. For example, there might be construction or anything else that can obstruct you from moving ahead. Be prepared with all the information that would otherwise compel you to interact with people.

2. Keep the internet and GPS on

You should keep the GPS of the vehicle infotainment on and have an accessible map. If you have stuck anywhere, use the GPS to locate the way out instead of asking people. Use the internet to ask for locations such as petrol pump, repair shop and other details. GPS can be conveniently used to reach any destination without any interruption.

3. Carry all the aids

If you use hearing aids, then use them. Check if the aids are working correctly. You should use them even if you do not use them regularly. You may have to interact with fellow drivers on any route with heavy traffic noise, which might make hearing very difficult.

If you have a visor card, then carry it as well. These cards contain many images and graphics that will help you make better communication with others. In addition, you can keep a pen and paper to communicate with people at some distance.

4. Focus on visual clues

Focus on the path ahead. Generally, there are directions, lights, and other signs on the way to inform you of what lies ahead. Instead of talking to someone on the way, you can rely on these signboards and signals. Keep checking on the vehicles next to you and behind you to ensure that you drive safely. You should be aware of all the signs, such as emergency lights and traffic signals, to avoid getting into trouble.

5. Turn down the distractions

There can be many distractions while traveling. You have to turn all of them down. Keep the radio or music in the vehicle very low to focus on the sound coming from outside. The loud music can also hamper your hearing. Many vehicles such as ambulances make loud noises from a reasonable distance. You may not want to miss them.

Do not interact with fellow drivers. This might distract you from the other important sounds. For example, do not text or call anyone while driving. The entire focus shifts towards it during a call, and you may skip on other significant noise from your surroundings. Also, you can keep the windows closed to minimize the noise.

6. Keep the eyesight sharp

To get over the issues related to hearing, you can focus on your eyesight. If using specks, always wear them while driving. Also, install large rearview mirrors to have a clear view of the surrounding. Many states even specifically ask people with hearing impairment to install large rearview mirrors.

7. Maintain your vehicle

Sometimes your vehicle may generate unusual sounds, which is indicative of some issue with the car. Do not ignore these noises and get the car checked. The car may develop severe problems, and you may not hear the indicative noises on a busy road.

Use the latest technologies that can provide you assistance while driving. You can use these technologies to avoid a collision. Many advanced technologies can help you assess the traffic movement, view the rear action, and do many other things to enhance your safety while driving.

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