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All You Need to Know About Hearing Test

May 02, 2022

All You Need to Know About Hearing Test

Are you hearing a different kind of silent noise in a quiet room? Or do you feel that everyone around you is speaking softly? Then, it is time to take up the hearing test. These are some of the symptoms of hearing loss. Hearing tests can help you identify the hearing loss and deal with it.

What is a Hearing Test?

Hearing loss can occur due to any problem with the ear, connected nerves, and the Brain. It can be sensorineural, nerve deafness, or conductive, hearing loss due to any obstruction.

A hearing test is conducted when there is an issue with hearing, such as:

  • Issues in understanding other people
  • Trouble with high-pitched noise
  • Unable to listen to low volume speech
  • A continuous ringing sound in the ears
  • Numbness
  • Headache
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • A hearing test can also be part of the annual health checkup. It is generally done for older people or people that live or work in a noisy environment. There can be several other reasons, such as cold, genetics, and other health conditions. On visiting a health professional, they will try to assess the probable cause of the problem before running hearing tests. First, they will take down your medical history to understand the reason. Next, your work environment will be evaluated to understand your noise exposure. If you are exposed to loud noises very frequently, you are highly likely to develop hearing issues.

    Hearing Test Types

    After visiting a health professional, you can go through the following:

    1. Otoscopic exam: The ear is examined using Otoscopic to check if the hearing obstruction is due to the ear wax.

    2. Pure tone test: It is one of the standard tests where the patient is asked to wear headphones and listen. A series of tones will be played, and the patient will be asked if they can hear them. Then, the listener has to raise hands or press a buzzer to indicate that the person is listening to any noise. This test is done to identify the audible frequencies.

    3. Acoustic reflex measures: This test is done to determine the user’s response to loud noises. On hearing a noise, the ear develops an acoustic reflex wherein a muscle inside the ear tightens on listening to noise. The health provider determines the noise frequency at which the ear produces a reflex.

    4. Tuning forks test: A metal device generates noise near the ears, checking the response. The audiologist uses a metal tuning fork to produce noise behind each ear and check the individual ear’s response. It is checked if the hearing loss is only in one ear or both.

    5. Speech test: The audiologist will give you headphones and ask you to listen to the speech. Different things will be spoken, and you will be asked to repeat them. This is done to test your ears.

    6. Online hearing test: Hearing tests can be taken online. However, the authenticity is way less than the physical tests. White noise will be generated. With this noise in the background, some three-digit sequences will be provided. The patient will have to enter the same three-digit on the provided keypad. If you perform poorly in the test, you will be advised to visit a health professional. Many companies offer such online tests. You can even find smartphone applications to run these tests.

    Hearing Test Results

    These hearing tests will help you identify the type of hearing loss: Sensorineural or Conductive. Once the class is determined, the focus shifts to finding out the magnitude of loss and the respective treatment, such as a hearing aid, Cochlear implant, or surgery. Hearing aids are a widespread solution for mild hearing loss. You can get online hearing aids from our website. We have a range of high-quality, inexpensive hearing aids. In addition, you can choose to go for programmable hearing aids where you can have settings specific to the level of hearing loss. Visit our website today to buy the most suitable and affordable hearing aid. 

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