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Best tips for Playing Sports with Hearing Aids

May 02, 2022

Best tips for Playing Sports with Hearing Aids

Hear loss can have a huge effect on people’s day-to-day life. Individuals who are interested in sport and are hard of hearing face unique challenges. But with the help of hearing aids, you can meet these challenges head-on. Hearing aids ensure that people suffering from hear loss can enjoy sports equally. Keep reading for tips on playing sports with hearing aids.

The Role of Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is as necessary as a helmet or any other safety gear for people who suffer through hearing loss. It not only helps you listen better but protects your ears from any further damage as well. It provides individuals with an equal chance at playing any sports they want from field sports to indoors. If you want to bet on your favorite athletes growing up, you can bet on legitimate sites like. While hearing aids prove advantageous for players, it is crucial to take care of the instrument and be mindful of your ears when you are playing. Here are some tips which will ensure you have a good game while wearing your hearing aids.

Make it a Part of Your Safety-Gear

Just as you don’t forget to wear a helmet, wear hearing aids without a fail as well! They enable you to hear important sounds and are especially important during a team sport. It will help you to listen to coaches direction or any other instruction that your teammate would like to pass on. It guards your ears and provides you with balance during the game which enhances your performance and protects you as well.

Wear Head Guard Protecting the Hear Aids

While playing contact sports like rugby, football or basketball, it is important to not only care for your ear but take necessary precautions to protect your hearing aids. You can try to wear different helmets until and decide which protects your hearing aid and keeps it in place!

Make Sure Your Earmolds Are a Perfect Fit

Another important task is to purchase earmolds that fir you perfectly. It is advised to get a soft mold since the hearing aids can feel pressure during a contact sport. Having tough earmolds can lead to inner-ear injury which can increase your hearing loss. This also reduces feedback leakage and increases the efficiency of your hearing aid by maintaining a good connection in-between the hearing aid parts.

Do Not Forget to Buy Accessories Supporting Your Hearing Aid

You will want the extra support provided to your hearing aids, especially during tough activities. Here are some accessories which support an active lifestyle for people with hearing aids-

  • Silicone bands to keep the hearing aids in place
  • Hearing aid clip-on to attach it fast to your clothing to keep it from falling
  • Sweat-bands to keep your hearing aid moisture-free

These accessories will provide extra safety to both your ear and your hearing aid, ensuring a smooth game ahead!

Protect Your Hearing Aids From Moisture

Protecting your device from moisture is crucial. Hearing aids can have a meltdown during sports which is when the moisture will create hindrance in its function and it will start to produce feedback noises. Below mentioned are some ways to remove moisture from your hearing aid-

  • Carefully dab them with a light sponge
  • Covering them with insulation tape
  • Wearing sweat-bands

Maintain Your Focus & Follow Post-workout Procedure

Hearing aids made for supporting an active lifestyle should suppress the sound of the wind and surrounding noise. But it is still important for you to focus on the game and your team while playing to avoid any injuries.

Another crucial task is the post-workout care for your ear and your hearing aids which include the following-

  • Remove ear-wax, ears should be clean before re-inserting the hearing aid
  • Put your hearing aids out to dry after the game
  • Using a soft sponge or cloth, remove moisture from the surface of your hearing aid


Besides the above-mentioned points, it also important to choose your active-lifestyle hearing aid carefully. You can purchase programmable hearing aids that can be set according to your personal needs by an audiologist. Consumer reports of hearing aid show that people find low price hearing aids online that are reliable. The added advantage of buying hearing aids online is the wide range of products available to you. Rest assured, keeping the above points in mind while playing followed by proper storage procedure will ensure you a smooth game!

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