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Do Hearing Aids Help High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

May 02, 2022

Do Hearing Aids Help High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

Let’s start this post with the basic question. What causes high-frequency hearing loss? When the person is finding it hard to hear sounds in high pitch sounds. It can be troublesome since it can lead to understanding fast speech and in worst-case scenarios it can even damage the inner ear. Irrespective of age, it is common in people who are usually exposed to loud noises and it can also happen to older people with those who are having age-related hearing loss. While it is quite common among different age groups, many people rely on buying the best online hearing aids that allow them to hear different voices. The question to consider here is that do hearing aids really provide efficient results or not?

This post is going to highlight all about high-pitch hearing loss and different ways you can actually protect your ears.

Common Symptoms Of High-Pitch Hearing Loss

Some of the common symptoms of people having high-pitch hearing loss are trouble hearing sounds like – appliance and phone beeps, doorbells, children and female voices, animal and birds sounds. Also, people find trouble in distinguishing between different sounds when there is a background noise rolling in the present.

Is High-Pitch Hearing Loss A Permanent Thing?

Well, hearing loss problems are quite common everywhere. It has been recorded that nearly 23 million people have encountered high levels of noise at the workplace on a regular basis. In case, the structure of the inner ear is damaged once, there is no looking back. Now, let’s get a little more technical! Hearing aids are generally classified into two types – consecutive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. Let’s understand them better.

Conductive hearing loss is a less common one and usually involves damage or blockage to the outer and middle ear structures. It can literally build up some ear wax and may worsen the current hearing scenario. Sensorineural hearing, on the other hand, is a common type of hearing loss. This type usually occurs when the hair cells or the auditory nerve inside the inner ear becomes damaged. Although this type of hearing loss is considered to be a permanent one, it can still be improved with the help of new sound hearing aids.

What Factors Causes High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

Well, there are some common factors that can actually result in high-pitch hearing loss. Let’s find the details.


Of course, it is the most common reason that triggers high-pitch hearing loss, about 1 out of 3 persons between the age of 65 and 75 observe hearing loss. The figures clearly state that the majority of people having this problem belong to this age group.

Noise Damage

The fact is that when we use our headphones or phones at loud volumes, it can lead to permanent hearing loss. It might surprise you with the fact that a study in 2018 examined the relationship between hearing loss in children and portable music players. It was found that more than 14 percent of children with high-frequency hearing loss.

Middle Ear Infection

Infections in the middle ear are another potential reason to cause a buildup of temporary hearing loss. But, if the infection gets worse, then it might cause permanent damage to the eardrum thus causing serious infections.


Well, genetics can also be a reason for hearing loss. If there is a chance that any of your family members have been suffered from hearing loss, then chances are it might pass onto the generations further.


You must be wondering, what’s tinnitus? Well, it’s kind of a persistent buzzing or ringing noise in the ears. More than 55 million people in the USA have been affected by this problem. But, one thing that you must consider here is that tinnitus might be a symptom of hearing loss but not the cause.

Managing High-Frequency Hearing Loss

High-frequency hearing loss is basically the damage of hair cells and can cause permanent damage. Mail-order hearing aids are considered to be the best option to handle high-frequency sounds if your hearing loss condition is not that serious. The high technology used in hearing aids today has helped ample patients dealing with high-frequency hearing loss. The best part of today’s hearing aids is that these are accompanied by Bluetooth technology allowing you to sync with your tablets and phones.

Helpful Ways To Aid Your Hearing

  • Try to cover your ears using earplugs and earmuffs when you get exposed to loud noises.
  • Don’t expose yourselves more to loud noises.
  • Keep the volume low while using headphones.
  • Take frequent breaks from watching TV.
  • Get regular hearing tests to detect problems early.

Final Words

The truth is that the damage done by high-frequency hearing loss cannot be undone. It is common among people who are exposed to hearing loud sounds and those who are in the natural aging process. Also, if you are looking for the best online hearing aids, then you can shop from Hear Better, where you can get an ample collection of hearing aids to choose from. So, wait no more and switch to a healthy lifestyle.

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